East puts personalisation at heart of eCommerce strategy

Fashion retailer East is focusing on creating a more personalised online shopping experience to boost customer loyalty.

The UK-based business will be looking to use real-time data to offer customers different style recommendations while they browse online.

East will be partnering with technology vendor RichRelevance, which has previously worked on projects for leading e-tailer Amazon – often heralded as a leader in personalising the customer experience – as well as the likes of PayPal and eBay.

RichRelevance's RichRecs solution will be used by East to generate shopper-specific product recommendations, which it hopes will provide opportunities to upsell and cross-sell merchandise to boost average order values and improve the shopping experience.

Nicklas Larson, EMEA managing director of RichRelevance, commented: "East started as a small independent boutique in London in 1984 and has since grown to over 100 stores and concessions across the UK.

"It is an amazing success story and we are glad to be part of its future."

Recent research from technology consultancy Accenture and SAP company hybris software found that there are various organisational, operational and technology challenges currently hampering retailers' efforts to provide the cross-channel seamless shopping experience required by today's shoppers.

The international study found that 46% of the retail and manufacturing decision makers who were surveyed do have a dedicated omnichannel team, but organisational silos remain a key challenge. Difficulty in sharing customer data and analytics between channels, countries or locations, as well as a lack of in-store associate training, were also deemed to be preventing retailers provide the multichannel offering  customers desire.

Commenting when the survey was published, Pontus Kristiansson, VP for the EMEA region at RichRelevance, said: "By consolidating the overall shopping experience across different consumer touch points, retailers will be able to offer a concierge-style service to the consumer, thus increase the overall brand loyalty.

"What consumers really want is to be able to trust the retailer, receive more value from the service, at the same time know that their personal data is safe and secure." 


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