Retail technology vendor innovation: Cegid

International software provider Cegid has updated its core retail management system, which it says will allow retailers to better respond to the challenges they face in terms of international and omnichannel growth.

New features of the Yourcegid Retail tool can improve a retailer's integration of their offline and online operations by offering services such as click & collect or return-to-store, regardless of where the product was purchased. New CRM and marketing applications, as well as an array of mobile capabilities to make the in-store sales process more flexible, have also been added.

Like other retail technology vendors, France-based Cegid showcases its suite of products via an innovation store at its head office, giving potential customers an opportunity to see its array of solutions in action. Box Technologies, a point-of-sale hardware and digital technology company in the UK, recently opened its own In-Store Technology Centre to display its new products in a similar manner.

The focus on innovation in retail is only set to accelerate in the months ahead, with recent research from Forrester Consulting, commissioned by IT services and consulting Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), showing that retail CIOs believe the disruptive technologies of mobility, social media, cloud and big data are likely to transform the industry in 2014.

According to the study, CIOs are currently focusing much of their attention on mobile technologies, with context-aware tech and mobile payments the key areas this year.

Recent changes to the Yourcegid Retail product, which is available to retailers in software as a service mode, reflect the company's innovation strategy of combining mobility, business intelligence and the Cloud, or "Mobiclo" for short.

Nathalie Echinard, director of vertical markets at Cegid, commented: "The latest additions to Yourcegid Retail enable retailers to anticipate market trends by offering their customers a new, borderless shopping experience, be it in terms of sales channel or geographic region.

"Along with the new functionalities, we have also added new locations such as Bosnia, Chile, Colombia and New Zealand."