Papa John's using QR codes to seek customer feedback

Pizza chain Papa John's has this week launched a new scheme to gauge customer feedback at the point of delivery and via its website.

The company's pizza boxes will all boast a call to action, inviting customers to share their thoughts on the food or service, via QR code or text message.

Customers can score their overall experience or provide their own summary, while those who visit the Papa John's website can also use a newly deployed feedback widget to offer their opinions. The new tool will also allow the brand to capture feedback from customers who may choose not to make an order.

The roll-out of the new customer engagement technology, in partnership with communications solutions provider Rant & Rave, comes after the pizza firm trialled the process with eight stores across London and the south-east. Papa John's is now implementing the technology for all of its 248 stores in the UK.

Rant & Rave, which believes that mobile is currently the best way to capture customer opinions, will help the fast food chain analyse feedback in real time, with results presented to individual franchisees and Papa John's head office.

Andrew Gallagher, senior director of marketing at Papa John's, commented: "We've been really impressed by the results we've had so far; with a brilliant response rate showing that our customers are ready and willing to share their thoughts."

He added that most feedback has been positive, but the technology gives the business an opportunity to address problems as and when they arise.

"A peak in comments about delayed deliveries is a good indicator of where we may need to address staffing levels, just in the same way an increase in negative comments following a change to our menu could lead us to rethink our decision," Gallagher explained.

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