RBTE 2014: Innovation Theatre Review - part 2

Day two of the Retail Innovation Theatre at RBTE 2014 started much in the same vein as day one. Packed sessions, innovative technologies and fresh insights into some of retail’s most pressing priorities and challenges.

If day one was all about the customer, then day two was about thinking outside the box. In particular:

Tomorrow’s Retail World

The first session of the day was hosted by Eccomplished CEO Stephen Millard and showcased five innovators bringing to market technology that whilst may seem aspirational today, is fast becoming commonplace.

Sparkle cs was up first, with their ‘app store for the EPOS’ – taking away the headache, expense, implementation time and risk associated with making changes to the EPOS and making it as easy to update, experiment and adapt as your ecommerce site.

IS2you followed with the Wi-go – a next generation shopping trolley that intelligently follows the customer around the store. The Wi-go transforms the in-store experience, especially for customers with restricted mobility such as wheelchair users and the elderly, or simply for those with their hands full such as parents with young children.

Augmented reality was on display from the team at Sayduck, who amazed the audience with their demonstration of how retailers can enjoy 27% uplift in basket value by providing customers with the ability to bring products to life via their mobiles and tablets from the comfort of their own home.

Vee24 demonstrated that whilst physical retailers are trying to bring digital in-store, their video-based customer service technology brings the face-to-face in-store customer experience to the online world, increasing average order values by up to 35%.

The session concluded with distributed ecommerce provider Kiosked, who introduced the concept of ‘everywhere commerce’ and how they extend retail across the online world.

Delivering The Promise

Claire Muir, Head of Development for Amethyst Group hosted the second session of the day highlighting that with so much emphasis on the front end of the customer experience, what about the ‘last mile’ – arguably the most important part of the customer journey – the point at which a customer receives and is happy with their product?

Storpal kicked off with their platform for simplifying the retail supply chain for greater customer experience, choice and fulfilment options.

Cloud-based delivery management platform provider Scurri then took to the stage and talked about how retailers can simplify the delivery process and take more control of the customer delivery experience.

Clear Returns concluded the session by outlining that its not what a customer buys that is important, but what they keep and how their predictive analytics technology helps ecommerce retailers grow keeps and grow profits.

Unlocking International Markets

The final session of this year’s Retail Innovation Theatre was introduced by M&M Direct CIO, Graham Benson and addressed the challenges of growing overseas business, both from an online and physical retail perspective.

EpiServer were first up, demonstrating how their platform can help overcome the various challenges faced by growing retail business overseas from content localisation to legal, financial and logistical considerations.

Intelligent Reach outlined the various online channels that retailers can use to extend their reach into international markets and how with their platform, you can launch, monitor and analyse cross border campaigns across multiple channels.

The challenge of international payments were addressed by Pensio who talked about the complexity in understanding and being able to transact across different territories.

The last innovator of the series was Concrete, who discussed their solution for helping retailers get visibility and control over a large network of international physical stores and how to work effectively with the in-region people that run them, driving sales and brand compliance.

RBTE would like to thank the Eccomplished team for their role in organising the Retail Innovation Theatre and thank Epson for sponsoring the two-day showcase.

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