Essential Retail payments special

At RBTE's payments steering committee meeting last autumn it was clear that the wide range of payments technologies entering the market are causing some confusion among the retail industry, as businesses look to invest in the right option to meet their current and future needs.

Despite the confusion, there is also a growing desire in the sector to embrace new digital concepts that improve the customer experience at what is arguably the most sensitive point of the consumer purchase journey.

Expert commentators have offered their views on the subject for today's Essential Retail payments special, highlighting the new technologies transforming the market and pinpointing the current industry trends.

New research from MasterCard also shows that consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable using new methods of payment, including mobile-enabled transactions.

With US retail chain Target this week reporting a sales decline following a recent payments data breach, it is also evident that problems surrounding payments can have a serious impact on a business.

At RBTE 2014, which runs from 11-12 March at London's Earls Court, the Retail Payments Theatre, sponsored by Amazon Payments, will host a plethora of insightful conferences dedicated to this increasingly crucial part of our industry.

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Retail is in the business of making money, which means the payments piece is of the utmost importance. Enjoy today's retail payments special.

Ben Sillitoe, Editor, Essential Retail