RFID in retail expected to diversify

Retail product categories tagged with RFID are expected to diversify over the next few years as businesses operating in the industry use the technology for different parts of their day-to-day operations.

That is the view of Bill McBeath, chief research officer at US-based ChainLink Research, who has argued that retailers will move beyond simply tagging apparel to use the technology for new product ranges. He also suggested that more stores will tag 100% of their merchandise, in time.

McBeath's comments were expressed in his latest article on the subject, The Evolution of Retail Store RFID Reader Strategies, which investigates the extent retailers will be looking to expand their usage of RFID from handheld readers to other strategies such as exit monitoring, whole store illumination and smart shelves.

"Eventually some retailers will take the plunge into doing RFID checkout as well," he noted.

"All these factors could change the balance to a more diverse mix of RFID store reader strategies and approaches, different from today's heavy reliance on handheld readers."

During RBTE 2014, which takes place at London's Earls Court between 11-12 March, visitors will have the opportunity to visit the In-store RFID Customer Experience Zone, which aims to provide retailers with an understanding of just what benefits RFID technology can bring to their respective companies.

Representatives from the zone's main sponsors ADT Tyco, Smartrac and Nordic+ (formerly Nordic ID UK) will be on hand to demonstrate RFID's multiple functions and advantages across all aspects of retail.

Essential Retail has been profiling the use of RFID at the different stages of the retail supply chain by talking to the key sponsors of the RBTE In-store RFID Customer Experience Zone: Tyco Retail Solutions, Smartrac and Nordic+.

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