20.20 sponsors Innovation Trail and Awards at Retail Design Expo

“In the current climate of exceptional change, innovation is crucial to the success of modern multichannel retailing. The most notable innovators amongst thousands of suppliers need to be identified and given the recognition they deserve,” says Retail Design Expo show director Annie Swift.

The Innovation Trail and Awards will highlight groundbreaking ideas at the co-located retail events, picking 16 outstanding products or services from those entered for the scheme. An expert industry panel will choose the featured innovations, plus an overall winner, to be announced at the event.

Design group 20.20 is sponsoring the initiative. The company’s director of retail explains why:

Retail is at a crossroads. Customers are opting for the comfort and safety of shopping from their homes; they are compelled to shop on the go. Today's mobile devices have a screen quality that equates to touching the product, with live chat giving people access to experts a retailer could never afford in store.

Customers no longer have a rational need to shop in the real world. Hence, bricks and mortar retail needs to move from being a necessity to becoming a simple convenience or an extraordinary pleasure.

In order to thrive under these new conditions, retailers need to reinvent themselves. They have spent many years improving internal processes, but today's customers are asking retailers to focus on them, not on the systems – a colleague's focus has to change from stacking shelves to entertaining the customer – it's personal. Retailers must become more extrovert, more people focused, more generous, and more innovative.

Innovation will empower retail brands to live and breathe the values of today's and tomorrow's shoppers. It will help retailers bring like-minded people together. It will enable store teams to be better entertainers, better sales people, better customer advocates.

20.20 are very pleased to sponsor the Innovation Awards and Trail at the 2016 Retail Design Expo, because we fundamentally believe that physical stores have an important role to play in our society, and an equally important role to play in the future.

Mariann Wenckheim
Director of Retail


To find out how to enter the Innovation Trail and Awards click here.


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