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Comment: Narrative not heritage the key to success says Richard Village

Narrative, not heritage, is the key to branding success according to Smith & Village director Richard Village

Comment: In-store tech can help get shoppers to try pick up products and buy them

Understanding shoppers helps retailers to encourage them to see, feel and buy products says Kirk Hendrickson of Eye Faster

Comment: New Amazon patent risks harming retailers’ relationships with customers says Vanessa Walmsley of Qmatic

Retailers should be optimising the in-store environment for today’s mobile user and leveraging data to improve the experience, says Vanessa Walmsley, managing director at Qmatic UK

Comment: Politicians could learn communication skills from retailers says Nigel Collett of RPA:Group

The Conservative Party misjudged the mood of voters. It is the kind of mistake that retailers cannot afford to make with their customers says Nigel Collett

Comment: Customer service trumps technology says James Breaks of RPA:Group

In retail the extraordinary quickly becomes mundane, says James Breaks of RPA:Group

Comment: Has the Minority Report moment finally arrived asks Branwell Johnson

Will digital signage deliver the sci-fi promise? Perhaps, says Branwell Johnson

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