Video: You SpinMe right round, baby, right round

To illustrate a product page on Schuh’s eCommerce site, a team of dedicated photographers have to take 36 images of the shoe from different angles for a 360-shot, as well as a further eight stills and a catwalk video. When you think Schuh can receive up to 120 new products per week, which need to appear on its website as soon as possible – that’s a lot of time behind the lens of a camera.

In order to save time and be more efficient, Schuh turned to SpinMe to help them create the 360-images customers need to make an informed decision when purchasing online.

We spoke SpinMe's long-standing client, Schuh, at the tail-end of last year, and web editorial manager, Iris McSweeney, said retailers need to make sure their online images are “up to scratch”.

14-year-old SpinMe created workflow imaging software which Schuh is licensed to use up in its HQ in Scotland, allowing them to create images on demand and save time and efficiencies. Schuh explained how the software allows the retailer to spend more time being creative now it isn't tied up with admin associated with the entire shooting process, such as retouching, copy writing and exporting images. 

Meanwhile, retailers like Lacoste and Wiggle send their products to SpinMe’s HQ in Cheltenham to be photographed in 360 using a centreless table and robotic arm which allows it to capture images from every angle. The video below shows the process from the moment a product arrives at the studio.

David Brint, CEO of SpinMe, said: “Online shoppers have a keen eye, and advanced imaging techniques such as 360 spin photography allow them to examine shoes from every possible angle in the same way they would in store. This inspires confidence and leads to increased conversions. By integrating rich media onto its website, while also implementing a studio workflow solution internally that improves efficiencies across the entire business, Schuh is giving itself a considerable advantage in a competitive retail environment.

To listen to Essential Retail's conversation with Schuh and SpinMe, check out the Retail Ramble podcast below.