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Who’s who in the Start-up Safari

RBTE 2018 kicks off on 2 & 3 May and, for the first time, it is dedicating an area of the exhibition to the latest retail technology start-ups soon to be shaking up the industry.

This year hasn’t got off to the best start in retail, with a number of well-known brands shuttering stores all over the country. And as the sector gets ever more competitive, retailers must think differently about how they keep up with the increasingly digitally-savvy consumer.

A number of retailers and brands have already turned to start-ups to help them digitise parts of their businesses – Unilever, Intu and JD.com in recent months to name a few, and John Lewis launched its fifth year of JLab only this week.

The industry knows how important it is to look more widely for innovation, but not everyone has the R&D budget of John Lewis to launch their own programme to find the best start-ups out there.

For those retailers left scratching their heads, not knowing where to start looking – head down to the Start-up Safari, curated by Baringa, featured in the Discovery Zone at RBTE.

“The Start-up Safari is a really easy way for retailers to see a showcase of some of the most exciting retail start-ups, across a spectrum of retail functions,” explains Lucy Larkin, partner in the consumer products and retail team at Baringa.

“We start in digital, including critical areas like GDPR, then we go into supply chain and stores, then through to areas like labour management and buying. This means that there is something relevant and interesting for everybody. Retailers can spend an hour with us doing the tour, then have one-to-one meetings with the start-ups that most interest them.”

Come and say hello to the ten hand-picked start-ups at the Start-up Safari, curated by Baringa

BrandLab has developed a unique software platform that has been described as the most significant development in wholesale in over 30 years. The wholesale fashion industry is worth hundreds of billions, but suffers from two major problems. Firstly, very few brands have adequate B2B ordering systems to process their business with agents and retailers and many brands have no B2B systems at all. Secondly, there has been a fast decline in the success of traditional sales channels such as expensive trade shows and showroom sales and many commercial brands are looking for a more cost effective model to increase sales globally. BrandLab has invented and built a disruptive technology to address these issues. Firstly, we have developed an end to end back office solution that means fashion brands can run all business through the platform in an easy to use interface and secondly a solution to increase sales for commercial fashion brands.

Hoxton Analytics provides retailers with market-leading footfall accuracy and real-time demographic data without collecting any personal information or invading customer privacy.

Our GDPR-compliant solution uses cameras fixed low to the ground to observe footsteps and movement at floor level. We then use computer vision and artificial intelligence to convert those images into highly-accurate footfall numbers and provide rich customer insights (e.g. male/female split) without ever collecting any personal data.

These insights allow high street retailers to make informed business decisions, benchmark performance levels and assess marketing effectiveness.

Idea Drop is an idea management, staff engagement and continuous improvement tool that makes it easy to crowdsource, curate and implement the best ideas from across your organisation. Idea Drop positively impacts staff culture, HR, performance, efficiency savings and revenue generation and serves as a refreshing alternative to complex spreadsheets, staff surveys, emails and existing intranet tools.

Increasingly AI helps retailers including Samsung, Travis Perkins and Reiss to transform their approach to Cross Selling on-site, in-marketing and in-store. The AI platform pairs products into bundles. This is something Amazon does, but 90% of retailers don't. A recent client said these great words "Increasingly’s AI technology is surfacing bundle suggestions beyond imagination. They are saving time for customers and adding +10% incremental revenue.”

Inkpact is a creative company enabling scaling businesses to create a personal connection with every customer using the power of handwritten notes and letters. Our writer community beautifully handwrite communication on branded stationery, on behalf of companies who are looking to deliver more impact to their customers. Our communication helps to attract, thank and re-engage with customers in a human way. Handwritten envelopes are guaranteed to get opened which is why we can guarantee a 100% open rate. (...You don't get that with an automated email campaign!)

Intelligent Reach is a cloud-based eCommerce software provider, helping retailers and brands ensure product information for online shoppers is high quality, relevant, in the right format and performing well with all partners, in all countries. We do this with technology and support that helps you visualise and improve product information, put it in the right format for all partners like eBay, Amazon and Google and help improve your bidding and experimentation with alternatives.

Presence Orb bridges the gap between online and offline visitor behaviour insight. By understanding how visitors interact with your spaces, providing guest Wi-Fi to gain insight into demographic-based behaviour, and creating hyper-targeted, real-time, location-based marketing opportunities, our clients are able to: Improve visitor experience and increase brand loyalty ; Optimise operations for better product-market fit ; Accurately evaluate campaigns and measure success

Rotaready has built the world's most intelligent staff scheduling software, for retail and hospitality businesses. Rotaready builds your staff rota automatically in seconds, finding the most cost efficient and fair distribution of shifts. We typically see a payroll saving of up to 5%, management time saving of 75%, not to mention a huge reduction in staff churn. BrewDog, Pandora, Topgolf, Stormfront (Apple retail stores) and Bourne Leisure group are some of our many delighted customers. We've beautifully dove-tailed rota planning with accurate time & attendance monitoring, labour cost control and management analytics, allowing businesses to effortlessly manage their biggest operational expense, their staff. With schedules optimised to meet demand, trustworthy timesheets, full visibility over labour costs and instant staff communication, Rotaready delivers a clear ROI while boosting morale across the team, which means happier and more productive staff.

Stowga is the on-demand marketplace for buying and selling warehousing and logistics services. The company aims to help warehouses be part of the digital economy and the world’s most progressive companies use Stowga to radically alter the economics of their supply chains by trading capacity, dynamically scaling their logistics needs in line with their business needs. Stowage’s matches warehouses with spare capacity to customers looking to take space without committing to a lease - thereby switching a fixed cost to a variable cost. Stowga digitises the search and transaction process and enables companies to find, contract and move in to warehouses within 48 hours - a process that used to take months. The flexibility of the model means customers can scale at speed with agility, whilst having a built-in optionality to unplanned events.

The Trunomi platform enables businesses to request, record and immutably prove the legal basis for processing personal data and comply with the highest standard for global data privacy, the EU GDPR. For the business, we automate compliance and replace inefficient approaches while for the end-customer, we provide control and transparency over how their personal data is used. Trunomi can help turn data privacy regulations from a burden into a competitive advantage and is an enabler of the evolving personal information economy for a more flexible, transparent and customer-driven world. The Trunomi platform enables businesses to comply with EU GDPR, as well as PSD2 'Access to Account' (XS2A), ePrivacy Regulation and PECR.

RBTE takes place at London’s Olympia, 2-3 May 2018.

You can register to attend here 

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