New VM concept for Level Shoes flagship in Dubai Mall

Level Shoes is seeking to take customers to a new world of shoe retailing with its store in the Dubai Mall in the UAE.

The giant 8,919 sq m (96,000 sq ft) store has been given a futuristic visual merchandising concept designed by StudioXAG, which was commissioned to create a futuristic scheme that offered unparalleled luxury shopping experiences. The project involves a full store takeover, wrapping the stores façade and three main entrances, as well as corridors and four multi-brand departments.

The concept focuses on immersive, multi-sensory experiences, using technology to let customers interact physically with displays. It follows a ‘Future Underground’ theme, taking cues from cultural reference points such as the film Blade Runner, and representing the four key elements of earth, water, fire and air in futuristic codes.

The Women’s Designer area represented earth, with natural tones, stones, and pebbles. The Men’s Designer area reflected water, with mirrors, plants and condensation. Lave, granite, basalt and volcanic forms represented fire in the Women’s Contemporary department.

The Trends area was transformed to represent air with the use of lightweight fabrics, shrink-wrapped objects and features that make visitors feel as though they are floating.

Motion sensors allow customers to interact with window displays, for example by making cascading digital code follow their movements, or by rotating helix structures.

The whole concept is linked together via a visual language developed by StudioXAG as part of the project, with coded symbols that appear throughout the store.

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