Kurt Geiger’s journey to mobile POS

Kurt Geiger is weeks away from rolling out a mobile point of sale (POS) solution which will see the shoe retailer removing the majority of its till points to improve in-store customer experience.

Speaking at the Aptos Engage Europe 2018 event in London, head of IT at Kurt Geiger Steven King, detailed the retailer’s journey to take its tills mobile, beginning with signing a contract with Aptos back in March 2017.

“We knew we wanted to go mobile,” said King. “We have two fixed tills in most stores, but we could have 50% more checkout options if we went mobile.”

The retailer decided to use Aptos’ Mobile Store solution on Apple iPad and iPod devices with an integrated barcode scanner which would give sales associates “everything you need in one hand”.

King said he expects the technology to lift conversion when it is rolled out to 62 Kurt Geiger stores in the UK and Ireland, hoping it will improve customer experience as store associates will be able to take payment as soon as they are happy with the fit of their shoes.

King described how a mobile solution prevents breaking up the shopping journey: “You get to the point where customers are ready to checkout, and you escort them to the till, but we are still seeing a number of people drop out at this point.”

Meanwhile, he also said the space created by the removal of the surplus tills will make more room for stock.

The mobile POS is planned to be piloted in stores in the next 2-3 weeks before an “aggressive” nationwide rollout.

Well over a year in the making, the project got off to a bumpy start. King explained that the retailer had to reset the project after six months and they swapped out an Aptos project manager. It wasn’t until February of this year when actions started to escalate after King said that Aptos had a “complete change in culture”.

Back in 2015, Kurt Geiger created an in-store app with Magento, which gives store associates more information and an extended selling range. According to King, this technology investment lifted sales by £10 million.