Healthy growth: how Revive Active plans to flex is UK muscle

Galway-based health supplements business Revive Active’s New Year’s resolution is to boost sales in the UK – something the €7 million business hopes to do with a new website, CRM system and its guided selling software to target new customers.  

The company recently started using Conversity’s software to help customers find tailored products rather than just choose general products that they might regret or not use after purchase. The software takes the user through various questions, such as age bracket, and offers products that are relevant.

“A customer comes in and is tracked through so the engagement is relevant to them – so we know who they are and what they are looking for,” says Daithi O’Connor, managing director at the company. 

Some products might appeal to a range of customers, such as its joint supplement that can be used to prevent injury for very active customers, as well as something that’s used by older customers to prevent more everyday injuries. “But they are two different markets, and need to be spoken to differently.”  

He said previously customers were “bombarded” with all the company’s products. “Now we have a higher level of engagement and are able to speak to the individual persona.”

He adds: “We saw return on investment very quickly and increased our turnover in a short space of time.”

“The introduction of a new CRM system was described to me as similar to open heart surgery"

Showing the love

That was also helped by one of the company’s brand ambassadors, this year's Love Island winner Greg O’Shea, whose Instagram posts featuring its products drove a lot of new customers to the site – 70% of which were from the UK. 

“It was opportune that we had Conversity in place for all those customers who were following Greg and coming through our site.”

Most of the company’s physical presence is in Ireland – however it does have a strong online presence in the UK and sells its products in a number of high-end London stores including Selfridges and John Bell and Croyden, the Queen’s pharmacy.

The business has been growing at around 35% per annum for the past four years, says O’Connor. Future growth plans also include an online launch in the US market. But for now the company has its sights set on the UK, with plans to invest heavily in that market with a new website in January and hopes to add a couple more high quality stores. 

The new site will also feature Paula Radcliffe as another of its brand ambassadors. “But we’re not looking to do a mass roll out [of physical stores].”

It is also introducing Oracle’s Netsuite in order to aid its expansion plans. “So that will give us greater visibility of what’s happening and where it’s happening. And our website will be localised, so it will be very much a UK orientated website.” 

He adds: “The introduction of a new CRM system was described to me as similar to open heart surgery. And I can tell you that it is!”

As consumers look to start their health kick in the new year, Revive Active faces plenty of competition from established brands and high street shops such as Boots and Holland and Barrett. But O’Connor remains optimistic: “I think we have huge potential in the UK.”