Design showcase: Primark's outdoor gallery in Valencia

Local visual culture has shaped Primark’s Valencia store, which features an outdoor gallery that turns walls, doorways and even entire buildings into artworks.

The store, designed by UK agency Dalziel & Pow (D&P), features ‘Hidden Extrovert’ in-store graphics which have been designed to capture the character of the city and provide an expressive backdrop for visual merchandising. The campaign also refers to the store’s location: it is reached through a series of passageways, and is situated in a modern building surrounded by period structures.

Store windows feature fly-poster-style graphics in Primark’s signature Aqua shade. A layered concertina effect presents different visuals depending on the angle from which it is approached.

Bespoke illustrated city maps have become a signature feature in D&P’s long-running partnership with Primark, and the Valencia version has a strong, graphic style that complements the fly-poster concept and illustrative style.

The store’s atrium wall features a large scale keyline illustration of city landmarks as a backdrop for more posters. Valencia-style typography is used to communicate Primark brand statements.

Murals by Spanish artist Escif, and floral embroidery by Raqul Rodrigo, further emphasise local culture and highlight it as a source of inspiration.

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