Design showcase: New store format for Schuh aimed at young shoppers

Footwear brand Schuh is rolling out a new store format aimed squarely at its key target market - young consumers – to a third site.

The new format saw its debut in Livingston, with a second store opened in Bristol. A third store, in Manchester, will open later this year.

Design is by Briggs Hillier. The format seeks to lead with a digital- and experiential-first approach, in a flexible environment that allows a dynamic store experience.

The interior of the store is defined by a series of illuminated arches that help to break up the horizontal space and aid navigation through the store’s ranges. A bespoke perimeter wall system extends between the arches, supporting a suite of merchandising components and digital screen.

The integration of digital content was a core element of the brief. A large digital screen located at the rear of the store acts as an anchor point, showing engaging and edgy content that grabs attention and encourages customer flow through the store.

There are no fixed merchandising units in the central store space, with modular fixtures allowing the store and its product mix to change as needed. Multi-function plinths, mirrors and kiosk payment stations are provided. Schuh has been moving towards an increased use of mobile payment systems, removing cash desks in several stores.

Flexible merchandising ‘fins’ extend from the perimeter wall, and can be moved to alter customer flow.

The front section of the store features sports shoes, presented by brand rather than using conventional gender categories.

The Bristol store features a dedicated Schuh Kids department, with a new look and feel developed to fit in with the new store concept.

The store’s material palette features grey ceramic tile, aluminium, black and white solid surfaces and pops of bright colour. The lighting system is used to pick out key displays, while providing softer ambient lighting.

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