Design showcase: New store concept in Romania for energy group Enel

Multinational energy company Enel has introduced a new concept for its stores in Romania.

Enel, which trades in 34 countries across five continents, serves more than 70m customers around the world. It has been active in the Romanian market since 2005.

The company appointed Stirixis Group, which is based in Athens but has offices in Romania and London, to design the new store concept.

The flagship Enel branch, in the centre of Bucharest, seeks to bring the brand to life through its interiors and the use of new in-store technology.

The store concept has been inspired by the gradient effect of Enel’s logo, and by the idea that energy is synonymous with power and activity. Motion has been used as a central element of the design, and is seen in features such as a system of 400 ceiling lights that raise up and down, and change colour, to create a colour- and space-shifting effect.

From outside the store, a wide façade uses lightboxes and a transparent LED mesh screen, along with LED benches on the pavement, to grab attention and made the store hard to avoid.

Inside, amphitheatre-style seating, coloured glass partitions and two custom-made curved meeting rooms are all subjected to the store’s shimmering and colour-changing effect.

The concept has been rolled out to 40 stores across Romania.