IGD Live

Reasons to attend IGD Live

This year, IGD has combined its four theme events into one major experience.

From category management to convenience, digital commerce to food-to-go – it’s the place to get the commercial insights you need for the year ahead.

Why attend? Because …

It’s flexible

You’ll get an engaging programme of content across four great themes. As a specialist, you can choose the stream most useful to you and follow it throughout the two days.

You’ve also got flexibility to choose the sessions you want to attend. Seen something in another stream that looks useful? Pop across and check it out.

You’ll learn how to make things happen

We’re bringing together experts from across the consumer goods industry. Our speakers are leaders in their fields. They’ll bring you the latest best practice and reveal how you can benefit. 

To gain a fresh perspective

Dedicate two days to invest in your and your business’s growth, in a different environment. Instead of attending four events over four or more days, you can get it all done here in only two days. And you can bring as many colleagues as you like; make sure you’ve got every stream covered.

To get new leads, prospects and potential suppliers

You’ll be among hundreds of influencers, peers, current and potential customers. You won’t get this level of access anywhere else.

Help prepare your plan for 2020

We’ll be revealing new research into shoppers and category management. We’ll tell you how we expect retail to develop and discuss the outlook for different channels.

One reason to attend each stream

In the category management stream…

  • Understand the latest ways to reach shoppers and how best to work with retailers to meet shoppers’ needs

In the digital commerce stream…

  • Maximise your opportunities to sell to tomorrow’s digital shopper

In the convenience retailing stream…

  • Find new routes to growth in convenience and wholesale

In the food-to-go stream…

  • Learn how to grow your sales and improve your ranges in the food-to-go channel

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