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April 2019

It's impossible to deliver a great and consistent customer experience without having a sold digital foundation.

Focussing on the ways in which digital increasingly underpins Britain’s economy, 200 business leaders from industry will hear how the adoption and deployment of cutting edge digital technologies, products and services produced by the UK tech sector is, and can, enable every sector of the UK economy to become a digital sector.

With over 10 000 visitors, 400 speakers and 350+ exhibitors, Seamless brings the brightest minds together from across payments, ecommerce and retail.

The UK's only exhibition covering the entire breadth of ecommerce.

The very idea of “luxury” is evolving, and brands must innovate with new models, services and marketing strategies in order to compete with premium and lower-priced retailers that are now filling the values that luxury brands used to exclusively own.

Retail Leadership Forum is back by demand and is one of Marcus Evans’ annual events in Australia.

Digital Signage Summit Europe (DSS) is Europe’s leading strategy conference for the Digital Signage and Digital out of Home industry. It will take place on 4-5 July 2018 at the Sheraton Airport Frankfurt, Germany.

This unique event will bring the leaders of Digital and eCommerce together for an unforgettable networking experience that will put their driving skills to the ultimate test.

NICE (NASDAQ: NICE) is the worldwide leading provider of software solutions that enable organisations to take the next best action in order to improve customer experience and business results, ensure compliance, fight financial crime, and safeguard people and assets

The Logistics Summit is a new event launched by IMRG in 2018, where the focus is on debating and progressing a series of key logistics themes

The Customer Experience Exchange for Retail will bring together 80 C-level & VPs/Directors of CX, Marketing and eCommerce from Fortune 500 retailers to meet, discuss and share best practice to improve the future of retail CX.

New technologies such as digitalisation, AI and automation are changing the way we work threatening traditional employment models while at the same time presenting opportunities to work in new ways.

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