Wyevale Garden Centre

Wyevale Garden Centres was originally set up by Harry Williamson, a Herefordshire nurseryman and pioneer in the garden centre world, in 1932. Inspired by what he’d seen on holiday in America, Harry experimented with growing roses in reject tins from the nearest jam factory on his 5 acre rose field. This was the start of container grown plants in Britain, allowing gardeners to buy and plant trees and shrubs all year round, rather than only being able to buy bare rooted products and plant them straight out into the garden in autumn/winter.

Over the next 30 years, Harry’s mail-order nursery expanded into one of the UK’s earliest garden centres, opening in 1966, and by 1987 Wyevale Garden Centres became a PLC and was listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Since the 1990s we have expanded rapidly, acquiring a huge range of garden centres, brands and small chains, changing our name to The Garden Centre Group in 2009 and reaching 130 centres in 2012.

In 2012, we were acquired by Terra Firma, a private equity firm with huge confidence in our potential, offering us the support, expertise and investment to make our business healthier and more sustainable, and to progress our ambitious growth plans.

In July 2014, we rebranded back to Wyevale Garden Centres, a name that has a strong heritage in the garden centre industry and is trusted by our customers. That said, we’re still very proud of the unique histories of our individual garden centres, and have kept our well-known local names too.