Selazar is a Smart, Scalable eCommerce fulfilment specialist. We are the UK’s most accurate fulfilment service.  Our Pick and Pack accuracy rate has stayed at 100% since launch.

Our tech-first ideology has led us to innovate in several ways. The impact of these innovations is the ability to give SME’s enterprise-level logistics without the associated overheads.  By building our technology in house and from the ground up we ensure reliable operations all year-round. The Selazar platform has seen 100% uptime since launch.

We are geared for growth - our business planning and structures are set up to be dynamic, responsive and expand with our client’s needs. Client preferences are live inside the platform, all edits made are actionable from the next order placed. The ability to iterate and optimise logistics in this way has never been seen before and is a source of pride at Selazar. 

Through our single portal retailers can handle all B2B and B2C operations. The Bulk Pick Wizard was specifically designed to cater for B2B,while Bundling has seen a rapid uptake since introduction.

We are constantly listening to our current clients, building features for them in the way they want. Our core team of developers has continued to grow to support our partners in their growth.

At Selazar, we partner with eCommerce retailers looking to grow.


Our Smart system does most of the heavy lifting for you. Partners can effortlessly revamp operations per campaign or season in minutes rather than days or weeks. Manage inventory, final-mile services, markets served and so much more from a single dashboard.


Selazar is built to scale quickly.  Adding new products to your store, increasing storage space needed and even new warehouse set up is all straightforward. With growth as a core principal since conception everything we build is built to scale securely.

Fulfilment Specialist:

It is what we do. We’ve collected a team of experts at Selazar so our partners don’t have too. We specialise in this area so are partners can focus on growing their business. Our specialists are available to help guide partners through the challenging logistics landscape. We also focus on using fulfilment service as a selling point, helping increase partners conversion rates.

For more information on how we are innovating check out Why Selazar