Beyond responsive: Driving mobile commerce success with progressive web apps

In 2016, mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic in the UK, especially during the peak trading season where eCommerce consultancy Salmon saw 68% of traffic during the week of Black Friday and 81% on Christmas day originate from mobile devices. This also translated into raw orders being made via mobile with 51% on Black Friday and 60% on Christmas day.

The difference in performance between traffic and orders can be attributed to inferior performance and user experience typically available on mobile browsers. But that’s about to change on a broad scale. Technology has emerged to create faster, more app-like mobile web experiences that drive conversions.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) include the high-converting features of a native app but they’re still websites, accessed directly in the web browser rather than downloaded in the app store. The seamless, app-like web experience not only looks and feels great, it converts extremely well.

These high-converting websites will drive mobile revenue higher than desktop revenue, and sooner than you may think. Retail leaders will see mobile revenue surpass desktop just in time for the peak trading season this year.

Mobile has been an important art of holiday shopping for the last few years, but in 2017 it will be crucial. Typically, mobile conversions lag behind desktop by around 30%. If you improve your mobile shopping experience, you’ll convert more customers from your busiest source of traffic. However, if you ignore your mobile customers, you may as well accept that your biggest shopping days of the year will be a bust.

The bottom line is that your customers are on mobile now more than ever before – and that’s only going to escalate in the years to come. Ensuring that you’ve got a conversion-focused user experience isn’t just great for your bottom line, it actually helps your customers complete their own goals. Investing in mobile is a sink or swim issue for retailers.

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