VM showcase: The Superstore from the Pet Shop Boys

The Pet Shop Boys pop-up Superstore at Boxpark, in London's Shoreditch, was as low key as fans of the pop band might expect. Opened on 1 April 2016 the store marked the launch of the new album, Super, and remained open until just 3 April.

Housed in a white painted, ground floor container, the merchandise was ready for instant purchase, every item ready-packed in suitably Super-printed shopping bags. Ironically, given the store’s small footage, the fascia was captioned Superstore, with only bright spot-like foils and the discreet font on the door revealing the brand.

The collection of five T-shirts, CDs (some signed) and vinyl editions of the album, i-Phone cases, a signed screen print (100 pieces only), and a set of Pet Shop Boys buttons, were displayed as platinum-selling albums along with an image of the Pet Shop Boys.

In classic record store fashion, the container provided a pristine area for fans to listen to the new CD on headphones, the walls graphically embellished with the album title. Housed in a shipping container, the pop-up combined both and old and new record-store retailing tropes in a pleasing mix.

Photographs: Darren Neave