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VM choice: Matches gets floral

Just as the air becomes perfectly mild and spring-like Matches Fashion has featured a piece, by installation florist Rebecca Louise Law, in its Marylebone High Street store.

Known for her use of flowers, Law employs blooms to express the relationship between man, nature, and preservation. These three elements might also be used to describe changing fashions, and create an entirely apposite display in the window and interior of Matches Fashion’s open-backed store window.

The multi-colour display cascading from the ceiling between the mannequins fills the space without blocking off the interior of the store.

Cleverly, the display continues inside the store where it naturally peters out, as though the floral tide is encroaching or receding in the interior space. The mannequins are dressed in blue floral prints or plain blues, reminding us of ‘Blue is in fashion this year,’ the classic semiotic fashion text in ‘The Fashion System,’ by French literary theorist, Roland Barthes (1915 – 1980), which many fashion professionals will have studied whilst at college.

The tiny buttonhole-sized snips from flowers will dry as they age, hanging suspended by copper wire from suction pads on the ceiling. A metaphor for mortality, flowers are also innate symbols of the transformative power of fashion change. Suspending them on copper wire rather than using fishing line is a neat twist, given that copper is a particularly fashionable metal finish at present. The result is more substantial than fishing line, making a virtue of a necessity, and allows for deliberate kinks in the copper, conveying the impression that the flowers are gently falling, like floral snowflakes.

The installation for Matches Fashion not only makes the customer look at the merchandise, but also to reconsider what a floral arrangement should be. Law has an exhibition at The City Centre until 25 September 2016.