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VM choice: Rabbits abound at Les Nereides

Specialty stores have their own distinct opportunities and constraints for VM. They have the opportunity to bring props and graphics costs down because they require them in considerable quantities, but the budget for VM for this category of store can be very constrained. Examples of good, reasonably priced VM are therefore inspiring for many specialists, as good ideas can translate across retail categories.

French costume jewellery specialist Les Nereides provides a good example with its current Christmas window in London’s Covent Garden. With printed bunny rabbits, each with a fluffy tail in the open-backed window and suspended above the window, an autumnal/Christmas theme is suggested by ripe berries, a pine cone, and snow-tipped Christmas tree graphics. These are suspended above the window on foam-board.

The bunnies in the window don’t have the actual fluffy tails that those suspended above the display do. This makes their use more flexible than the more space-consuming fluffy-tailed versions suspended in mid-air. Irrespective of their scale, they appear to be looking directly at the merchandise – always a good strategy, as this directs attention towards the merchandise too. Note also the varied use of bust stands for necklaces, adding textural interest to the display with wood and marble.

A close up of the rabbit at the back of the display shows its fluffy pom-pom tail, neatly combining 2D and 3D design. A particular joy of this cute graphic is that no matter where or at what angle the rabbit is placed, often by VM-enthusiastic store staff rather than trained VM team members, it will look appealing.

The main window has a rather longer display featuring bunnies perched on a branch, bird-style, and more trees, cones, and berries. The addition of two cut-out snowflakes in front of the graphic lends a 3D effect as do the prominent fluffy tails.

I particularly love that the bunnies are two-sided prints and their tails two-sided fluff, so that they appear just as compelling when viewed from inside the store. Very nicely thought out, and a lovely example for all specialty stores to consider as it is easily transported and installed by store staff if need be.