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VM choice: Acne Studio knots its knitting

The elegant ‘knit your own visual merchandising display,’ installed in Acne Studio’s Dover Street store and is well worth a look. This is a single machine-knitted tube, which has been stuffed to create a giant, soft, slightly-fluffy rope and tied in a double-twist figure of eight knot. Known also as the Savoy or Flemish knot, this makes a large stopper to prevent jib sheets on a boat running back through the fairleads or, in rock climbing, to prevent a rope running out.

The simple overhand knot with an extra twist hangs from a freestanding white panel in the centre of the open-backed window. The base of the panel is curved at the front, and has a curved foot at the back for stability. The front central section has a reflective silver surface. A yellow multi-plait rope, secured to a ring through which the knitted knot is threaded, suspends the knitted knot, and a caribiner at the bottom secures a loop of yellow multi-plait rope to the base of the support panel.

The turned-up cuff of the knitting nicely suggests a garment, perhaps a hat or a sweater. The choice of a gentle lilac for the knot adds to its cozy appeal too, with the yellow of the rope providing a sharp lemony contrast. The yellow grand piano in-store echoing the multi-plait rope is used as a display counter for books and adds an intriguing touch.

This Swedish creative fashion collective’s name is an acronym for ‘Ambition to Create Novel Experiences,’ and perhaps this knitted knot reflects interest in climbing Sweden’s many climbing spots?

It is very simple and very effective.