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VM choice: Jo Loves fruit on glass


Jo Malone’s new business, Jo Loves, is currently stretching the boundaries of VM and also taking the candle business to a new level.

Having sold Jo Malone London in 1999, though remaining Creative Director until 2006, Jo Malone has set up a new business, Jo Loves. It retails semi-bespoke candles from London’s Elizabeth Street. The current window display, by paper artist Ivana Nohel and Anita Gohil is well worth a close look.

Inside the open-backed window is a stylised palm tree, each frond made from arcs of mirror or plexi-glass, and festooned with sprigs of apple-mint greenery and mangos, oranges and figs. It is these which demand close inspection: they are not faux-fruits, but real.

A close up of the palm reveals the details: supported by numerous wires neatly drilled in to the mirror edges and secured overhead, giant versions of the shot candle elements are entangled in the branches at top of the palm.

Some of the fruit and the apple mint are not behind the glass, as we might expect, but affixed to the front surface glass of the window as this oblique image reveals.

Sometimes the fruit has been sliced and mirrored on either side of the glass, to create the impression as here, of complete mangoes suspended in the air.

Sometimes a complete orange, with a sprig of faux orange leaves and a faux flower, has been affixed on to the front of the glass.

Sometimes the faux apple mint is firmly glue-gunned to the glass.

Of course, curious customers touch the fruit to reassure themselves it is real, especially after the store is closed, but it is very securely attached.

Photographs by Ivana Nohel, Anita Gohil and Dr Valerie Wilson Trower