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VM choice: Fendi and its Post-it note windows

Fendi stands almost alone in the quality of attention it bring to its windows. It is almost the only premium fashion brand that changes the back-drop of every window for every campaign. Its current Post-it note-inspired window in Bond Street is a good example. Neatly echoing the distinctive grid-pattern of the dresses on the mannequins, the note-covered backdrop echoes the colour of the dresses, and the repeated square format echoes the grid pattern of the dress fabrics.

Each ‘Post-it note’ is actually made of a piece of carefully curled polyurethane (PU),a knitted mesh backing with a leather-like coating used in the accessories industry, rather than using 3M’s sticky note paper.This backdrop has both a colourful and tactile appeal. The tell-tale white edge to the P.U. confirms it is is not leather.

PU is a fairly floppy substrate so I assume the backing has been deliberately bent to create the curl, and possibly sprayed or coated with shellac. To have used each square flat would have increased the difficulties of transportation and installation and reduced the tactile appeal of the end result.

Scattering the squares across the floor of the closed-back window echoes the falling leaves we see in Fall windows yet allows strong colour, as though the rectangles on the dresses have fallen to the floor.

Varying the size of the squares adds a touch of complexity and prevents the backdrop becoming entirely uniform. This enhances the motif that the red and magenta squares make, which is possibly the bauhinia from the Hong Kong flag or possibly just a flower.

Would that more retail brands pay the same detailed attention to all their windows.