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VM choice: Rimowa goes green

Rimowa’s Hong Kong store used this window display for Chinese New Year 2015, with the roofs of the Temple of Heaven -  an iconic monument in Beijing and a symbol of China – highlighted in red. The roofs have now become green.

With a cool, pastel, mint-green in the background, emerald-green roofs have a fresh look placed directly behind the graphic figures toting a carry-on bag and suitcases respectively. Only the background and the Temple of Heaven props have changed. The separate wavy-clouds or hedging in the foreground, and the figures, all remain the same.

Here is the original, complete with banners on the glass announcing the new year of the Ram/Sheep.

So why is Rimowa repeating a good window in a different colourway? It is hard to know. Possibly because it links with its new Bossa Nova range of green, leather-trimmed, cases which are manufactured and retailed initially in Brazil until the World Cup finishes, when they will be more widely distributed. An element of the retail price will go to Amazon conservation projects, which has a green association, but this doesn’t explain the Temple of Heaven. An iconic image of the Amazon would have been relevant, and perhaps we might have seen green cases in the window, rather than black ones.

Another possibility, and perhaps the most likely, is that this is an example of ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix,’ it thinking. Certainly repeating a successful format is a winner in all VM and retailing, but it is unusual to see it repeated so rapidly. We see some retail groups repeating the same annual promotion each year (usually garment-based: jeans, T-shirts, or sweaters, for example) and the promotional materials vary little from year to year. But that is not quite the same as using the exact same image.

Photos: Alvin Yeung of YMK Design.