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VM Choice: Stripes at Thomas Pink

There is something very appealing about a nice, clean stripe. Vertical stripes attract attention: think zebra crossings, gates, prison bars, and railings.

Conversely, horizontal stripes are peaceful and restful: think of the horizon or a seascape. Formal men’s tailoring and shirt brand Thomas Pink combines both here with crisp vertical and horizontal stripes.

The stripe changes from red to white at the back of this niche window. This adds a touch of complexity, setting off the stripy socks.

Smartly, the combination of royal blue and white placement stripes conveys a nautical feel. But the addition of horizontal stripes across the window transforms the stripes into a neat grid, reminiscent of a recoloured Prince of Wales check. Adding red horizontal stripes across the back of the window warms up this otherwise cool display. It focuses attention on the merchandise, combining red and blue stripes in the shirt with a red/blue sweater over the shoulders.

At the right-hand end of the same window the contrast panel is the side-wall, where the white stripes of the back wall become red and are echoed in red stripes across the floor. Running from the glass to the back of the window these red stripes add depth and as the customer walks from one side of the window to the other, the stripes appear to move against the vertical blue ones on the front of the glass creating a moire effect of movement. The mannequin at this end of the window wears the more formal stripes of a city shirt with contrasting stripy inner-cuffs and a stripy tie.

In the centre the pillars dividing each third of the main window have been banded with stripes and more are applied as a vinyl on the outside of the glass. Spelling the word stripes in a broken stripe, they convey the theme when seen against the lighter stripy merchandise.

A last niche window around the corner of the main façade is double height with simple asymmetrical white placement stripes on a blue ground. These allow a display of stripy socks on mannequin body parts in the foreground, the second sock neatly stuffed in to the top of the mannequin’s foot, reminiscent of a folded handkerchief protruding from the chest pocket of a tailored suit. The stripes graphic, in red this time, is placed on the surface of the glass. Note how it, rather pleasingly, doesn’t quite stretch across the window.

Very simple, but sufficiently complex to command attention, variations on this idea would work for many product categories: home, gift, menswear, womenswear, casualwear and active.