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VM inspiration: Barcelona shopfronts

Barcelona is a wonderful place to visit at any time of the year but especially so for visual merchandising inspiration.

This lovely window in a classic stone-faced store features the coloured pencil range of the classic Faber Castell brand. With a bright-red P-O-P display, the wide range of colours, the alluring tins, and a few choice graphic images suggest what the pencils might help with. The display makes us want to rush in to stock up.

Still with stationery stores, the display in the classic passage-way entrance of this one has been enticingly colour-blocked, providing lots to look at and explore visually. And, before we know it, we have wandered in to the store. These store entrances were not inadvertently designed this way, but rather act in the same way a fishtrap does in lulling its victim inside before they realise.

Somehow Barcelona even manages to do a Nike store well. The spotlight makes the red T-shirt pop, and nicely picks up the red trainers too, whilst the rest of the display is restricted to neutrals, including the neutral grey headless-mannequins.

A close-up of the trainers here. It’s the super-white socks which are working hard, contrasting with the mannequin’s colour and accentuating the red of the trainers to create a sharp, smart, must-have look.

For this stationery store, simple colour blocking through a rainbow, focusing on the primary palette is the way to go. Blue, red, and green are the primaries (from the 4-colour wheel) with yellow and orange tucked-in in between green and red. The pairs of coloured-handle scissors laid on bi-coloured cards on the dark foreground underline the rainbow theme. Everything, including the faux colour-blocked pencil ends, are smartly placed face-out: angled would have been a touch too ‘ditsy.’ Scale is varied with the bags and back-pack, so that it is not all relentlessly small items. We just glimpse the side view of the Faber Castel P-O-P to the left of the window.