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Dynamism is vital for modern retailers says Tim Ellis of Momentum Instore

Retail has never been so dynamic and as a supplier we are seeing a constant increase in the pace at which instore marketing activity needs to be implemented. Whether campaigns involve temporary POS (which we have recently seen a large increase in) or permanent displays, delivery timescales and the frequency of range and instore refreshes is constantly evolving.

With budgets stretched to the extreme, retailers have become very savvy both about how they spend their money and how they use the instore environment. Estates are becoming smaller for the majority of retailers, and store sizes are also shrinking for some. Even those that are expanding by opening new stores are doing so at a slower rate than previously. What this means that every square inch of space has to count.

Retailers need to continue to keep up with new innovations in retail technology to provide the best service they can for their customers and to retain market share. Whilst we are beginning to see the online channel maturing, leaders in the technology game, such as Amazon, seem to be able to constantly surprise us with innovations that offer tangible service delivery improvements.  

As well as focusing on technology, retailers and brands have started to return to the traditional values of providing excellent customer service and a more personal touch. Consumers these days want to be treated like valued customers, especially if they are loyal to a particular brand or retailer – they essentially expect that brand or retailer to be loyal to them too. Tailored offers, personalisation of all communications and polite and friendly staff instore, on the phone and online are now basic customer expectations.

Consequently there is a greater focus on the customer’s shopping experience, but rather than being a head office mantra the principles behind providing exceptional service need to be engrained in every member of staff in every store throughout the country.

So rather than running numerous instore campaigns at once discounting, retailers need to draw on their creativity throughout 2014 while at the same time increasing their speed of delivery. Consumers are losing patience with retailers that do not meet their expectations in terms of efficiency, customer service and quality of the shopping experience, so 2014 will be make or break year for many.

Tim Ellis is business development manager at Momentum Instore