NRF 2017: Retail technology on show in NYC

Essential Retail has been reporting from NRF 2017 in NYC this week, covering all the latest news from the conference, as well as the hottest retail technologies on the exhibition floor. We also caught up with retailers and vendors from across the world and shared one or two beers with old friends and new, at one too many parties. NRF 2017 was the place to be this week, but if you didn't get a chance to cross the pond hopefully you were following the Essential Retail Twitter hashtag #EssRetailNRF for all the latest news. 

Here's our round-up of our favourite moments at NRF 2017.

I'm in the keynote theatre. Sessions from Walmart, Macy's, Ashley Stewart, GameStop & The Vitamin Shoppe coming up #EssRetailNRF #nrf17

Kip Tindell, co-founder of The Container Store and chairman of NRF, kicking things off in New York #EssRetailNRF #nrf17

Reunited with Pepper once again 😍 #EssRetailNRF #nrf17

Been walking around the show less than an hour and I've already tried out a VR solution. Def going to be big this year #essretailnrf #nrf17

Great business use of #VR. Here we have a demo showing how merchandisers can virtually edit their planograms #EssRetailNRF #nrf17

So much robotics on show at #nrf17. Not all back-end stuff - it's being trialled in stores alongside staff & shoppers #EssRetailNRF

Robots dancing in the aisles at #nrf17 I'm pretty sure this was just a guy in a suit though... #EssRetailNRF

Printing a jumper now takes only 45mins down from an hour + manpower to stitch front and back sections #EssRetailNRF #nrf17

This robot moves around the store checking prices are correct and inventory is in the right place #nrf17 #EssRetailNRF

Great summary of the Richard Branson session at today's #nrf17 Big Show. Be an optimist and be cheeky, he says #EssRetailNRF @cl_baldwin

The beginning of last night's antics with @salesforce #EssRetailNRF #nrf17

Just trialled @Marxent VR. It's being rolled out by US furniture company, Ashley. Can be used to plan home interiors #nrf17 #EssRetailNRF

.@truefit demo-ing its foot scanning technology to ensure customers find the perfect fitting shoes #EssRetailNRF #nrf17

.@msretail's stand showing new online fitting/changing room tech. Quite a few of these solutions on the market now #nrf17 #EssRetailNRF

IBM's tweetable dress - lights up and changes colour based on the sentiment of the Tweets #EssRetailNRF #nrf17

Press the button...! Staples and IBM have launched a Watson-powered button for b2b customers to reorder products #EssRetailNRF #nrf17

It's been a blast, but now we've filed our final story we're off for some pizza. See you next year #nrf17 #EssRetailNRF