Video: Sonae's Pokemon Go reaction app

Nuno Miller, head of IT and design at the Portuguese retail company, Sonae, tells Essential Retail how the company's grocery arm – Continente – delivered a reaction app to Pokemon Go in three days.

Speaking at BT's tour of its Adastral Park R&D Centre, Miller said the company realised the impact of Pokemon Go early on and decided to quickly design an app to capitalise on the craze. The app allows customers to take photos of Pokemon found in Continente stores and there is a way to rank the discoveries and a competition to engage with customers further.

He noted how the retailer needed to move fast to develop the app: "The traditional way of doing that, would be to identify the need, that would take three months, and then analyse and identify the solution," he said.

And by offering free in-store Wi-Fi, Continente actively encourages customers to come in store to find Pokemon.