Top retail technology stories of 2014 from the US

Counting down from number ten to number one, what were the most read RSR Research articles of 2014?

Thanks to RSR managing partners Brian Kilcourse, Paula Rosenblum, Steve Rowen and Nikki Baird for sharing their sharp retail insight throughout the year.

10. Why Dropship Is Not (Yet) Strategic in Retail

9. NRF Big Show: All Roads Lead to the Store

8. RBTE: Innovation in the Digital Age

7. SAPPHIRE: Can Retailers Absorb What SAP Can Enable?

6. Flipping the Perspective on In-Store Technology

5. Where Have All the Data Scientists Gone? SAS Analyst Day Report

4. Who Owns the Customer Data Experience in Retail?

3. The Container Store Employee Communications Story

2. The Future of Stores: 3 Big Takeaways

And the number one story of 2014: The Walmart Out of Stock Problem: Lessons Learned

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