Specsavers embraces technology to boost customer service

Glasses retailer Specsavers is using social media and new internal systems as part of its business-wide strategy to boost its customer service levels and motivate in-store staff.

Jill Clark, director of retail communications & customer service, told Essential Retail that one of the main new trends the business is seeing from a customer service perspective is customers' growing use of smartphones in the retail process.

"If a customer has an issue with us, they don't write in any more – they post it on Facebook, Twitter or other sites," Clark explained.

"Often we will get a post whilst the customer is still in the store. We have had, on occasion, seen the post, called the store and they have then located the customer in store and resolved the issue."

Opening up the channels of customer communication is a positive thing, the Specsavers director added, although solving customer queries in such a public manner is not necessarily the route retailers would prefer to take.

"The internet is not the ideal way we want complaints to be highlighted and resolved, but younger people would rather do it this way than speak to another human. At least they are telling us so we can put it right."

Active management of social media is just one way Specsavers is using technology to build relationships with its customers.

One internal system introduced by the retailer comes from customer intelligence business Maze, which has worked with Specsavers to measure staff performance levels and give employees access to these results on a daily basis. Presented in the form of a digital dashboard, members of staff can access the data to compare store performance or monitor specific areas of the retailer's operations.

Clark commented: "Maze technology is helping us get closer to this goal by giving store colleagues direct feedback on whether they are delivering the legendary service we aim for."

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