Office Depot demonstrates 3D printing in-store

Office supplies reseller Office Depot is allowing its customers to experience 3D printing in-store, as this new form of technology continues to gain traction with businesses and consumers.

The pilot programme will also allow customers to purchase the Cube or CubeX printers in-store, which it says is a first for any office supplies store. With 2D printing products a key sales area for Depot, the retailer has identified the importance of responding to changing trends in the imaging supplies market, and appears to be adjusting its services accordingly.

From now until early November, staff at Office Depot's downtown Denver store will provide a full demonstration of the Cube's capabilities. The store is one of a number of Office Depot's new format shops, where it plans to allow customers to get hands-on experience with new technologies of various types.

"Denver is rich with small businesses, product designers and students interested in designing, printing and manufacturing three-dimensional objects," explained George Hill, senior vice president of Office Depot's copy and print division.

"At Office Depot, we know seeing is believing and we're excited to bring the 3D printing experience to Denver."

US consultancy Wohlers released research earlier this year that indicated that the overall market for 3D printing – consisting of all products and services worldwide – grew by 28.6% year on year to $2.2 billion in 2012. The average annual growth rate of the industry over the past 25 years reportedly stands at 25.4%.

See the Cube 3D printer in action here