Rise of Intelligent mPOS in Retail

Charlie Kim, Managing Director BIXOLON Europe GmbH
Charlie Kim, Managing Director BIXOLON Europe GmbH

By Charlie Kim, Managing Director BIXOLON Europe GmbH

As the retail industry evolves, the lines between brick and mortar and online selling continue to blur. Consumer technology has become central to the customer retail experience, driving retailers to focus their efforts on the customer journey to secure in-store sales in the fear they could be driven online.

One way for retailers to improve this experience is to look at the store concept. Aesthetics and functionality are becoming the driving force for a positive experience so evaluation of the store design and technology will be required, particularly around the area of the point of sale (POS). With many POS technology options on the market, from traditional single station electronic POS to the emerging mobile POS.

The rise of mPOS

In recent years there has seen the emergence of new intelligent mobile POS solutions. Connecting tablet devices or hand-held terminals to a network is quickly becoming the norm in many traditional and contemporary retail set-ups for payment transactions through to online order inventory and packing. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity innovation at its core, handheld devices can easily be linked directly to a network either by wire or through the cloud.

The latest innovations in mobile printing now provide greater flexibility and have opened up new avenues of interest. These ergonomic, compact, hand held printing solutions produce high quality receipts, tickets and labels directly from a handheld smart device or PDA.

The emergence of mPOS hub printing solutions linking peripherals such as tablets or smart devices to wired POS peripherals continues to rise. Providing a simple, compact, cost-effective solution to update existing POS hardware. These machines can also provide a range of functions including native, web and cloud based printing linking consumer ordering directly to the business.

As the role of printing continues to revolutionise within the industry, mPOS receipt printing will provide a cost effective way for companies to customise and adapt their customer experience as their individual requirements transform without the hefty hardware price tag.

The Solution?

The BIXOLON SRP-Q300H is the only device on the market today that provides ease of connectivity and flexibility helping to create the perfect retail mPOS solution. Featuring an intelligent hub (B-gate), connecting the tablet to a host of USB peripheral devices (customer display, scanner, pin pad, etc.) via Bluetooth whilst also providing a single charging port. Printing receipts or online orders through a native, web and cloud-based mPOS application with B-gate SDK’s (software development kits). Pairing the printer with its new LCD customer Display (BCD-3000) and a robust steel tablet stand which safely secures up to a 10-inch tablet using a locking mechanism to provide a complete the compact solution freeing up counter-space. To find out more visit www.BixolonEU.com.

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