Retail Printing - Cheap? Or Cheerful?

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As the value of POS printing technology slowly decreases, BIXOLON explores the value of Retail POS Printing hardware in today’s evolving technology market.

With the value of POS printing technology slowly decreasing and a stream of low cost printing hardware flooding the market, many retailers are left questioning the usefulness of the product against the cost of its replacement. This influx of low cost hardware comes at a price, cutting corners using sub-standard irreplaceable components meaning the technology only lasts six months and cannot be repaired creating a cycle of use and destroy. Subsidised hardware also comes with a number of energy and disposal issues making it almost impossible to discard and recycle.

However all is not lost, reputable printer hardware manufacturers are now looking into ways to counteract this issue offering a wider range of quality, reliable technology solutions which can be tailored to suit any budget. This initiative offers retailers with the security of having high quality, compliant technology which comes with the option for repair and even upcycling.

To help with this decision making process, BIXOLON has put together five points to consider when purchasing your next set of POS printing hardware:

  1. Hardware life expectancy – Consideration needs to be taken when planning the life cycle of your POS estate. Factors such as connectivity and support need to be thought about as technology and customer requirements are constantly changing which means an upgrade of certain aspects of the POS system may be needed quicker than others. Looking into printer technology with multiple connectivity options may be fortuitous enabling easy future upgrades without the need to upgrade the printer.
  2. Energy certification and WEEE – Understanding the energy and compliancy of a printer is essential in the decision making process. Quality printers on the market today will come with an energy star rating which is identifiable by the blue energy star logo and many printers alongside power saving options built into the printers to reduce costs. WEEE compliance is also important to verify the safe ecological destroying and recycling of the electrical product.  
  3. Design and quality of the product – Quality usually comes at a price, although many quality printer manufacturers now offer a number of printing options to suit any budget. Economical options offering basic essential features and reliability, increasing in price by the number of additional features and add-ons.
  4. Warranty – Two year warranty has now become the industry standard with many companies now offering additional warranty options. Maintenance companies also provide additional support for your estate with tailor packages to suit your individual requirements.
  5. Consumables – Printing consumables can be a minefield. Different types of receipt paper and label media options can have a major impact on both cost and the environment. With many printer manufacturers offering eco-software add-ons as standard to their printers to reduce the length of receipts on a number of their models and labelling innovations such as linerless labels which eradicate the requirement of silicon based backing paper.
WEEE compliance is important to verify the safe ecological recycle and reuse of an electrical product.
WEEE compliance is important to verify the safe ecological recycle and reuse of an electrical product.

Value of BIXOLON POS, mobile and label printers
BIXOLON POS, mobile and label printers offer a complete range of printing solutions to suite any budget. Combining technology with innovation, a number of BIXOLON’s POS printers also come with power and paper saving functions as standard to reduce power consumption and paper usage, while providing the same high quality, reliable receipting.

BIXOLON printers also offer a two-year warranty as standard (five years on the SRP-380 POS printer) with the option to extend the warranty with tailored warranty packages across all its printing products. Providing complete piece of mind with energy Star certification and WEEE compliancy across its entire estate.

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