How to generate merchandising success - anytime, anywhere

Retailing never was for the faint of heart, but the pace of change and the pressures facing most retailers today is truly staggering.

Expectation as set by omnichannel shoppers represents a new high water mark in service, as retailers dig in to try to provide their products whenever, wherever and however shoppers want to buy. 
Retailers now have to create that perfect "moment of truth" wherever the product offering meets the customer – whether in store, online, on the phone or on a marketplace. This means creating compelling collections of products, assortments that are localized ‘just right’ and make it easy for the customer to say yes to the purchase of (multiple) products, while building loyalty and meeting both top and bottom line business objectives. 
No group within a retailer is more impacted by these changes than the merchandise team, those responsible for planning, designing, building/buying, delivering and managing the flow of customer pleasing products for their retail organisations. This is the team who has to figure out how to manage more products, with shorter lifecycles, and inventory management now encompassing stores, stores as fulfilment centres, distribution centres, and complex vendor to customer methods. 

To address these complexities – and opportunities – head on, TXT Retail, an Aptos Company, will be hosting its 10th edition of the Thinking Retail Symposiums, the premier forum to share insights, research and case studies relative to retail planning, PLM and supply chain management.

The events, taking place on 21 March in Paris and 17 May in New York City, will welcome hundreds of retail executives who specialize in planning, merchandising, buying, product development and IT. 

Under the theme of ‘merchandising success - anywhere, anytime,’ this year’s Thinking Retail Symposiums will look at how heightened shopper expectations combined with intense competition, the requirement of improved supply chain efficiency and the complexity of omni-channel retailing are all putting more demands on the merchandise office.

Confirmed speakers for the Paris symposium will include the following Aptos customers: Future Group, one of India’s leading business conglomerates; Moncler, the fashion company specialized in sportswear, outwear and skiwear; REI, the US outdoor retailer, as well as the online fashion platform Zalando. REI and Zalando are also scheduled to speak at the New York City event, together with Finish Line, a premium sports footwear and apparel retailer.

In addition to the customer speakers, a keynote address will be delivered by Brian Kilcourse, managing partner at Retail Systems Research. Kilcourse’s presentation, “Insuring your relevancy (and long-term success) with today's demanding customers,” will focus on how retail is still about meeting the lifestyle needs of customers with the right product at the right place and time, at the right price, and delivered in the right way. 

In addition to presentations, panels and multiple Q&A sessions, the symposiums’ format offers abundant networking opportunities. 

Thinking Retail Symposiums are the only events that explore the kind of issues facing the merchandise team, providing real life examples of coping with the new realities facing retailers, yet in an educational environment that has —even competitors — sharing their experiences, discussing the latest trends and processes and reviewing practical paths for equipping their own retail teams with better methods for better results.

Thinking Retail Symposiums are exclusively for professionals representing major retail, brand and fashion companies. There is no charge for these events, but space is limited, so register today to reserve your spot

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