Oliver Sweeney partners with SQLI to bolster international expansion

Men’s footwear retailer, Oliver Sweeney, steps forward with SQLI in the next phase of eCommerce digitalisation.

Oliver Sweeney is looking to expand its presence internationally by leveraging the capabilities of its eCommerce Magento platform. After partnering with digital services company, SQLI, the men’s luxury footwear retailer is hoping to build a global experience online by improving customer experience and operational efficiencies.

“Everyone is aware how difficult high street trading is at the moment and we are looking forward to continuing to lead the way as we transform our digital experience in partnership with SQLI.” said Chris Webster, MD of Oliver Sweeney.

eCommerce director, Robert Kinchin, added: “We are excited about working closely with the team at SQLI to bring the brand to life online in ways we haven’t before, providing our customers with a great experience and giving our website a real step up.”

The partnership will see the retail brand undergo a website redesign improving user experience and operations support on an international level.

“Oliver Sweeney have put their trust in SQLI and it is our task to work hand-in-hand to deliver on their digital objectives,” said Kevin Ludford CEO, SQLI UK. The company will leverage both their UK services team, as well as their Magento Centre of Excellence Service Centre based in Cape Town, South Africa.

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