How to integrate live streaming into your online selling strategy

Huawei is making it easier for retailers to embrace digital transformation and keep customers engaged through its new and innovative live streaming solution.

With the retail sector evolving rapidly and the eCommerce sector continuing to expand, more retailers and consumers are looking to online streaming to sell and buy products. Never before has it been more important for retailers of all sizes and sectors to adopt new technology and keep pace with changing industry trends and consumer expectations, especially as traditional brick and mortar shops are being forced to close due to worldwide lockdowns.

The practice of streaming products to a live audience, also known as live commerce, represents a growing chunk of the retail sector and is proving to be one of the most effective ways of keeping shoppers engaged; converting prospective customers; activating sales; and building customer loyalty. Not only is live commerce more engaging and intuitive in terms of displaying products and interacting with the audience simultaneously, it also enables real-time interaction to give consumers a better understanding of products, meaning they can better evaluate whether the product meets their needs.

That’s why Huawei recently launched a new solution to make live commerce easier and more accessible for retailers. Whereas traditional forms of live commerce have required an entire studio, trained personnel, and expensive equipment, Huawei’s new solution enables everyday retailers to stream professional-quality content from their own handheld device. The solution integrates Huawei’s innovative and fully open Chip-Device-Cloud capabilities to deliver faster, more immersive, and more intelligent experiences:

  • An intelligent sales pitch: Huawei’s artificial intelligence software, HiAI, revolutionizes the live commerce experience by enabling scenario-based sales. Accurate portrait segmentation and foreground image rendering means presenters can set alternative backdrops during their live stream, providing audiences with natural and intuitive product demonstrations. Furthermore, the algorithm model that enables this is completed locally, allowing HiAI to provide real-time video processing with security risks eliminated due to the offline capability.  
  • A more visual and immersive viewing experience: Products can be displayed in a clearer and more striking way thanks to Huawei’s Augmented Reality capabilities. This technology enables products to be displayed separately to those being shown by the presenter and can be used to display the internal structure of a?product such as the inside of a smartphone or a camera, enabling the audience to get an in-depth look at the products and have a full sense of each product’s advantages.
  • Display products from more angles: through Huawei’s device virtualization kit, presenters can operate a second camera position that is perfect for showing alternate shots for modelling products while livestreaming. Presenters can easily switch between different cameras with a single click on their phone, allowing the host to be more creative and display products from multiple angles. This technology aspect is simple to operate and cost efficient and can be operated from a single device.
  • Smoother, faster, and cleaner live streams: The enhanced 5G and Wi-Fi capabilities of the solution reduce latency and frame freezing and increase download speed to ensure a more reliable and faster live streaming experience. Mobile phones can intelligently detect the wireless network status in real time and adjust the application's network behavior to match. Furthermore, the live stream can be automatically switched to a higher-quality channel when the network is unstable to prevent service interruption. This new breakthrough is made possible thanks to a predictive network quality model that can be used to cache in advance while watching pre-recorded video.

Watch the Huawei Developer Webinar | Connect LIVEs with eCommerce, where the solution was unveiled:

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