Seize the opportunity: How payment can redefine retail experience

Creating a seamless and comfortable shopping experience for customers is one  key driver for the commercial success of retailers. Long gone are the days where people came into a brick and mortar store and just picked up what they needed.

Today, consumers can be met with a labyrinth of options when out shopping which without intervention on the shop floor can lead to the dreaded abandoned basket.

Consequently, merchants need to think about how they ensure the time between the customer entering the store and the actual transaction is kept to an absolute minimum.

Fashion brand Benetton has been thinking exactly about that and found an innovative solution. The retailer created a new mobile point of sale (POS) and payment system in its flagship store on Oxford Street, London. Given that Oxford Street is one of the busiest shopping lanes in Europe, the solution needed to provide fast and easy transaction times as well as be very reliable and robust.

The Benetton concept, developed and provided by Germany-based BS PAYONE and Retail Pro International (USA), enables store employees to collect payments almost immediately when the customer has decided to buy an item. Sales people and customers are no longer tied to conventional stationary cash registers but can complete sales interactions anywhere on the sales floor, wherever they are.

Anywhere payment

Technically, the solution is made up of two main components: a lightweight CCV Fly card terminal and a smartphone or tablet. A secure WI-FI IP address provides the highest possible speed, convenience and security of the payment process. Once the invoice has been settled, the receipt is printed or sent to the consumer by email.

The advantage of this solution for shoppers is profound. Customers don’t need to queue at the cash desk and wait until it is their turn. They just pay on their terms and leave the shop. Moreover, they get more attention from the shop assistants because they don’t need to spend their time taking the client and the purchase to the cash desk, employees can focus all their attention on consulting the customer. 

Deep and secure integration

Due to the deep level of integration, calling up inventory, checking availability of articles or possible deliveries from the branch network is now at the employee’s fingertips.

Furthermore staff only need to make one entry on the tablet and the amount is populated automatically to the terminal – greatly reducing the possibility of user error. Consequentially, the reports in the back end tend to improve in accuracy. This results in less of a workload for the finance teams when reconciling the daily, weekly and monthly transactions.

Finally, the solution can directly increase the revenue of the store. That is because it can avoid a customer changing their mind by closing the sale at an appropriate moment. Customers simply don’t get the time window, e.g. while waiting at the cash desk, to think about the purchase again.

The sleek store concept is also designed so that the technology is completely invisible to the consumer, and the retail experience remains central in every interaction.

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