Elo touchscreens help Printiple capture and personalise shopper memories

When Wesley Clemson founded the Printiple print kiosk system for retailers in 2006, retailers were needing to move from traditional methods of personalisation — the use of large, costly commercial printers to personalise items and gadgets — into the digital personalisation market with a more compact solution. The Printiple kiosk would offer shoppers who no longer print traditional photos the opportunity to instantly print a personalised item, such as a mobile phone case. Customers would use an interactive touchscreen to upload any image, existing pattern or design from their mobile phone; add text or extras like emoji; and place the design on their chosen item. 

An interactive challenge

With a need for digital features high on their list, many retailers are keen to enhance the in-store experience for customers. Offering a personalised product is a unique way to engage shoppers. Printiple wanted to enter the digital personalisation market but faced finding the right products to allow them to build a compact, fully functioning kiosk that any retailer could seamlessly integrate into their existing store or within a shopping mall. Each kiosk needed to feature two interactive touchscreens customers could easily use — and both needed to be robust enough to handle high daily usage. 

A specific set of requirements

Printiple decided to look for alternatives that better suited their requirements. The set of products had to offer reliability and consistency, while at the same time being robust enough to cope with high footfalls and busy retail environments. Printiple also wanted aesthetically pleasing devices that would fit in with retailers’ existing in-store proposition.  

They found Elo’s range of interactive touchscreens and opted to trial its 1002L 10-inch touchscreen monitor to replace the one they were using. The 1002L provided an efficient product to control the kiosk, but they were still using the old 15-inch Android screens which continued to cause issues. Printiple decided to install two Elo 15-inch Android touchscreens to replace them. 

“Quality and consistency were the main factors in deciding to use the Elo 15-inch Android touchscreens. Out of all the products we’d trialled and used, Elo had the best and most consistent illumination of any of the 15-inch displays,” said Wesley Clemson. 

“The Elo screens are well designed with a great build — they’re very strong and fit perfectly onto our kiosks. Elo has put a lot of consideration into the design of their touchscreens and really focused on the detail. Elements like the clever recessed and covered cable storage compartments built into the back of the monitors, or how the cable is routed, definitely make a huge difference to how compact and clean our kiosks now look. This attention to detail has really helped us create a more engaging and seamless experience that we want all our customers to have,” Wesley continued.

During the design stage, the Printiple team knew the Elo screens would fit because Elo provided accurate 3D drawings during their planning stage. This helped speed up the process, and the final kiosk builds matched the drawings and specifications as promised. With using the two 15-inch Elo touchscreens and the 10-inch display, Printiple could stop worrying about the kiosk’s design and build. 


Since integrating the Elo touchscreens onto their kiosks, Printiple has been able to offer their customers a more consistently reliable experience. Between mid-November to mid-December 2017, when the latest kiosk model started operating with the Elo screens in the Arndale Shopping Centre in Manchester, 1,222 personalised orders went through its order management system (OMS), while they had over 1,600 customer images uploaded. 

Crucial design details not only impacted the customer experience and entire process power behind creating the personalised products, but also positively affected how easily the screens can be removed and replaced within a busy retail environment. This added to the benefit of the kiosk being a compact and flexible product. 

Not only have the Elo touchscreens offered Printiple customers the chance to capture and create personalised memories, the company has been able to guarantee reliability to every retailer that purchases one of their products.

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