As part of our mission to provide innovative cost saving solutions for retailers we’ve introduced the 'short receipt’, a new and ground-breaking alternative to long and extremely wasteful paper receipts.

Delivered digitally via an app, web portal or email in full format, our paper-saving short receipts are less than 40mm long; can cut paper usage by up to 90% and significantly reduce waste plus help the environment.

What’s also special about short receipts is that along with summary transaction data (including date, time, item count and purchase total), a unique barcode is printed at the bottom of every receipt.

This means that if security staff need proof of purchase, they can undertake a simple item count or, for full receipt details, just scan the barcode to get details. For gift receipts or any other reason customers can also get a full print out by scanning the receipt at the in-store print station if required – simple.

In summary, our short receipts are easy to implement, they give customers the choice to opt for a greener alternative, whilst significantly reducing costs. It’s a win-win situation, so isn’t it time to ditch those long paper receipts and embrace the future?

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