RBTE 2016 is running a series of Retailer Bootcamps at London Olympia on 9-10 March 2016, following its successful eCommerce Bootcamps in 2015.

Held over two days for an audience made up exclusively of retailers, these are highly practical workshop sessions which will provide attendees with hands-on advice for every element of the customer journey. Attendees are able to learn about a subject and then go away and implement what they've learnt.

Each of the nine sessions – hosted by nine different companies – will be repeated on both days of the expo. So what can we expect from TXT Retail's session? Essential Retail caught up with the end-to-end planning solutions provider to find out...

What is the subject of your RBTE bootcamp?

Omnichannel Dos and Don'ts – Keeping up with today's shopper by planning and managing assortments and inventory in support of an order anywhere, pick up anywhere and return everywhere retail model.

What are the top five themes you are looking to address during the session?

  • Retailers have made great strides in supporting their customers new shopping preferences, order online, pick up in store, endless aisles, vendor ship to customer, presenting and getting the right product to the customer as quickly and efficiently as possible. In this new world the role of the store changes as it is also acts as a distribution centre, and fulfilment stop. This complicates the role of the merchandise team as they have to plan assortments and optimise inventory for those new roles that a store takes on.
  • To keep their company's presentation fresh and interesting, and to encourage repeat visits by the shopper, the merchandise team has to create localised assortments that are compelling to the  shopper, and they have to increase the cadence of those assortments. This means introducing more collections, and customising those collections to the local shoppers taste and values.  
  • Managing inventory one channel at a time tends to sub optimise product placement and turnover. Inevitably a product that may be sold out online is stuck in the stores, or conversely some store will be short shipped the inventory they need to achieve budgets, if the online business can 'poach' their stock in an unplanned fashion. Managing a single pool of inventory across all selling and stocking channels is a new challenge for the merchandise team, we'll be looking at process and organisational approaches to evaluate if 'single pool of inventory' is right for you.
  • With tighter than ever timelines to bring new products to market, being nimble about going from concept to customer requires increased collaboration between buyers, planners, product designers, sourcing and product development, as well of course of suppliers. Planning and creating more collections means attaining much greater efficiencies at every interval. Learn how treating planning and profit & loss management business processes as a single continuous merchandise lifecycle management process pays dividends in terms of increased margins, and faster speed to market.
  • Completing the merchandise lifecycle means making the most out of the products you have ordered. Typically retailers have to select between a 'push' mode of merchandise management vs a demand-based 'pull' method. Historically never out of stock/basics type products were pulled, and fashion products were pushed. Learn about new in season techniques that combine these two approaches to more naturally manage a product across it's lifecycle.

Why should retailers attend your bootcamp at RBTE?

Retailers today have never faced greater challenges in the planning, design/procurement and in-season management of merchandise, across an increasing number of sales and distribution channels. This new reality fundamentally changes the way the merchant team needs to approach assortment management and inventory optimisation. While there is no single proven right answer to this challenge there is nothing like meeting other retailers and industry experts and discussing the pros and cons of the various approaches available to support these challenges

What are the key retail challenges your company is focused on solving?

TXT Retail is at the forefront of creating solutions that help merchants excel at the creative processes of merchandise management, in a well-grounded numerically fact-based fashion that insures best outcomes. Through our Merchandise Lifecycle Management solution we help that merchant team excel at all the processes required to put customer pleasing assortments in front of the shopper, while insuring the most profitable outcomes for the shareholders.  

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