Supply chain solutions business 4R Systems is new to RBTE for 2015, and will be showcasing its range of products at the two-day event at London Olympia between 10-11 March 2015.

Essential Retail caught up with Kevin Stadler, president & CEO at 4R Systems, to find out more about the company and its plans for the spring show.

Why have you booked for RBTE 2015?

4R Systems is expanding its advanced omnichannel inventory and supply chain services to the UK and Europe. The company provides retailers breakthrough technologies that profit optimise inventory decisions throughout an item’s life including:

  • Initial buy
  • Replenishment and allocation for omnichannel inventory, including stores and distribution centres
  • End-of-life strategies, including markdowns 

4R delivers quantitative results of increased profits. Retail, convenience store and grocery chains can maximise their omnichannel profits by using our technology and services.

We look forward to the opportunity to share our solutions with UK retailers. 4R has already received positive response at our recent Elevate Symposium that helped UK retailers learn how to maximise profits on omnichannel retail investments.

What new technology will you be displaying at RBTE 2015, and why is it relevant?

4R Systems uses science and technology to help retail chains maximise profit from their omnichannel inventory investment. The right product, right place, and right time drives the right profit. That's POI: profit-optimised inventory.

Retailers using 4R have seen increased profits by 100s of basis points and increases in profitability of 1-2% of omnichannel sales as a result of higher sales levels on lowered inventory.

Which retailers are you currently working alongside?

Examples of clients we serve are The Vitamin Shoppe, Family Dollar and Hess Express. 

Which types of retailer and which job functions are you hoping to meet with at RBTE 2015, and why?

Multi-site retail chains that manage thousands of SKUs, whether seasonal and fashion or those with expiration dates. We intend to meet with CEO/CFOs as well as inventory, supply chain and e-replenishment professionals.

Visitors to RBTE 2015 can meet with 4R Systems at Stand 510.