The days of payment technologies being pushed upon retailers are over as the needs of customers are being increasingly considered, which is leading to more collaboration between merchants and the payments industry.

Speaking on the 'Innovation in Retail Payments' panel at RBTE on day one David Baker, head of the card payments innovations unit at the UK Cards Association, said: "The days of technology push are over. 'Here's a product, you must make it work' is finished. We have to talk to each other about the needs of the consumer and the demands that are placed on retailers. There will be much more collaboration, which I hope will take innovation in the right direction."

Nick Hemingway, systems architect for digital stores and payment at Marks & Spencer, agreed and cited 3D Secure as a solution that was initially developed for online sales authentication but which he now recognised as an obstacle partly because it fails in not being interoperable across platforms, which customers now demand.

This ability for payment solutions to be usable across channels was also recognised by James McDonald, strategic development initiatives and innovation director at Barclaycard, who said this is solving a real problem facing today's customers who want to pay seamlessly across channels.

"Solutions need to solve a problem or create an opportunity. And you then have to get consumers onboard, along with the people who have the connection with them – the retailers," he said, which again highlighted how the collaborative approach to new payment innovation is going to be increasingly prevalent if solutions are to embraced and become ubiquitous in the marketplace.