Shop Direct has opened a training, conferencing and wellbeing facility for staff at its Liverpool headquarters.

The 12,00 sq ft facility is called 'The CUBE' and includes includes a 250-capacity conference space, as well as a juice bar, exercise area, breakout areas for wellness and exercise classes and even beauty treatments.

The CUBE was designed using feedback from Shop Direct employees who wanted a new space for "thinking learning and collaboration, as well as recharging their batteries and keeping fit".

"The highest performing businesses have the most engaged teams. With an average of 84% right across our business – a world class engagement score – the wellbeing of our colleagues and how engaged they are is something we take hugely seriously," said Jacqui Humphries, group people director at Shop Direct.

"This new facility will play a massive part in our wellbeing agenda, as well as helping us to introduce even more agile ways of working, creating better collaboration and quicker innovation for our customers," she continued.

"The CUBE embodies what our colleagues want and need to thrive; a place to have fun, be creative, work together and stay healthy, as well as be inspired by training and events throughout their careers in our world class conference space."

Shop Direct's wellness centre will also offer healthy meals and fresh vegetable juices to buy, as well as health checks from external partners.

Alex Baldock, CEO at Shop Direct, added: "Our people, and the people we want to hire, expect to come to a collaborative digital workplace that’s full of purpose, passion and creativity. The CUBE gives us just that. I’m hugely proud of all the work that’s gone into the facility; it’s been shaped by our people, for our people – and is another step on our journey to world class."