Bang & Olufsen has launched its eCommerce site, hosted by Cogeco Peer 1, to ensure speed, scalability and a quality online customer experience.

The brand, which was founded in Demark in 1915, manufactures a range of speakers, music systems and televisions. Traditionally Bang & Olufsen has sold its products in physical retail stores in over 100 countries, but after its expansion throughout China, the company decided to launch a dedicated transactional eCommerce site.

But after launching its online retail strategy, the brand needed to ensure its customers experienced the same level of quality service they receive in store and from the products themselves. In doing this, Bang & Olufsen partnered with Cogeco Peer 1 to host its online retail systems – both application testing and production environments.

Hosting with Cogeco Peer 1 allows Bang & Olufsen to scale its website and respond instantly to traffic changes, launches and promotions. Cogeco Peer 1 also hosts the content delivery system for Bang & Olufsen, because the website is reliant upon rich media content, which must deliver millisecond page load times. Other mission critical elements which are hosted by the vendor include the retailer's POS system, testing and disaster recovery.

Michael Søby, IT governance and sourcing at Bang & Olufsen, said: "At our retail outlets, our customers have the opportunity to interact with all our products and enjoy demonstrations. So it was important to deliver the same seamless experience online and that required our sites to be media rich, extremely rapid to load and always available. We recognised that to achieve this, we had to house our online applications on sites based on infrastructure with massive scalability and reliability, connected with superfast networking."

Søby contined: “We invited several service providers to the process, but it was Cogeco Peer 1’s  technological superiority, coupled with their proactive attitude to customer service that made us select them. Of course, we evaluated all the facts from all pitches, but Cogeco Peer 1 wrapped an impressive team around us and we felt that ‘anything was possible’ with them.”

Cindy Sherry, account manager at Cogeco Peer 1, added: "Bang & Olufsen is a very impressive brand with a very forward-looking, innovative approach to the online customer experience. We invited them to our flagship hosting centre in Portsmouth, England and modelled a service and a support structure around their global needs. We’re a very collaborative organisation, our services are highly adaptable, our infrastructure and network are built on market-leading technologies and our service level agreements deliver 99.95% availability."

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