A new security solution for retailers from Tyco uses electronic pan-tilt-zoom (ePTZ) technology to help businesses reduce internal and external theft.

According to Tyco, the Illustra 825 Fisheye Camera provides a 180-degree panoramic view when mounted on a wall, or a 360-degree bird's eye view when mounted on a ceiling.

The camera's ePTZ capabilities mean there are no moving parts, with the vendor saying this ensures the motor will not deteriorate and require maintenance. However, it can still allow retailers to digitally zoom and navigate the camera's viewable area using affiliated software.

The kit has a 5Mega-Pixel camera and has just one cable running through the device and a web-based application for set-up.

Lee Jasper, head of product and solutions group at Tyco, commented: "As a trusted leader in safety and security solutions, it's vital we are creating innovative technology and providing businesses with actionable intelligence to safeguard their assets.

"The Illustra 825 Fisheye Camera is specifically designed for situational surveillance that covers large areas, and therefore is an ideal solution for retail environments."

Tyco announced last week that it has partnered with management consulting firm Kurt Salmon and digital tech provider Mobispoke, and will be providing retailers with expertise and technology to help them boost their in-store performance and overall customer experience.

Dubbed 1:1 Retailing, the collaboration aims to implement the personalisation of one-to-one marketing in-store, using Tyco's real-time RFID-based inventory intelligence and Mobispoke's innovative software solutions.

Steve Howells, director of retail at Tyco, remarked: "The foundation for 1:1 Retailing success is accuracy of in-store data, having effective digital solutions in place and an informed, robust strategy behind it.

"Our inventory visibility solutions empower retailers to implement in-store customer experience strategies. Now, by partnering with Kurt Salmon to enhance our own specialist knowledge and experience, and Mobispoke to develop unique digital engagement solutions to lead consumers through their entire customer journey, we will lead the way in shaping how retailers in the UK can improve operations and optimise profitability."

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